-Masks: Masks are mandatory in the lobby for the safety and respect of yourself and others. Masks are only optional on the mat while taking class because the students are exercising.   Please help us to remind the students to wear their masks before and after their classes.  We really appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation. Instructors will wear masks at all times for the safety of our students and their families.

-Mask Support Brackets: We are giving FREE silicone face mask support brackets to all our students. The bracket supports your mask and creates space between your face and your mask allowing you to breathe easier and lowers the risk of bacteria transmission caused from your mask directly touching your mouth and nose.

-Temperature Checks: Everyone who enters the dojang must have their temperature taken.  We have a thermal camera set up to check your temperature as you enter the dojang.  Anyone with a Temperature of 100 or higher will be asked to leave and be unmedicated fever free for 48hrs before returning to the dojang.

-Fogger: The fogger is imported from Korea.  It uses Phytoncide formula to disinfect surfaces.  Phytoncide is an all-organic disinfectant.  Its plant based and completely harmless to humans.  This all-natural formula is safe on skin, does not irritate eyes or allergies.  Phytoncide has been tested and proven to kill both Covid and Flu in just 30 seconds

-TKD Safety Shoes: All students attending in-person classes are required to wear MKMAC TKD Safety Shoes. MKMAC TKD  Safety Shoes can only be worn in the dojang. Please do not wear your MKMAC TKD Shoes outside of the dojang.

-Disinfectant Mat: Everyone entering building must use the disinfectant mat in the foyer to sanitize their shoes.

-Social Distancing in the Lobby & on the Mat:

*Please do not enter the dojang more than 10 mins prior to the start time of your Class or Testing

*Seating is limited in the lobby to two family members per student, parents that would prefer to stay in their cars are more than welcome to watch their student’s class on zoom.

*We have provided 2 benches outside our entrance for additional family members to wait for students.

*We have specifically arranged our lobby to accommodate social distancing per CDC guidelines. Please do not rearrange the seating while visiting the dojang.

*Respect and maintain one-way traffic entering and exiting the lobby and the mat.

*We have marked the mat in sections to keep students socially distanced on the mat. This allows us to keep masks optional on the mat. If two students are partnered together and will be training close to each other we will request for at least one of the students to wear a mask while working together.

-Daily Disinfecting/Sanitizing:

*All touchable surfaces will continue to be disinfected several times per day

*All Floors are mopped and fogged to be properly disinfected

*All equipment is wiped and fogged to be properly disinfected

We appreciate you doing your part to keep everyone healthy and strong.

The Centers for Disease Control recommendations are found here: