Master Kim was invited to the Zaatari Refugee Camp Taekwondo Academy to judge their Belt Testing. The camp currently has about 80,000 refugees. It used to have over 150,000 but many have left and once they leave they can not come back. The children make up over half of the population in the camp. Most of these children Have witnessed the killing and torture of their families. Some have even sustained major injuries of their own. There are many children still walking around with shrapnel in their bodies from all the bomb explosions. Over 2.5 million have fled Syria in escape of these tragedies. Many Syrian kids have been directed down the wrong path and wound up joining Isis as they grew older. This is why Dr. Lee founded the Taekwondo Acadamy to help raise these children in a positive direction through taekwondo. Dr. Lee wants to teach the children discipline, respect, self control, and how to care for others. He believes if he plants the seed in them, he can help them grow. Dr. Lee’s assistant is the physical education teacher in the camp. He states that through the academy he has watched the children’s character change as they become more self reliant, gain self confidence and grow stronger personalities. Master Kim was very humbled to be a part of helping these kids move forward in a positive direction to better their lives. As the regional manager of the WRTGM in USA he was able to donate 300 uniforms and belts along with his time and service. It was an honor to be a part of helping these children. Master Kim would like to extend a special Thank you to Dr. Lee (Principal of The Zaatari Taekwondo Academy), Master Andre Son (President of WRTGM), and Master H.S. Kim (Regional Manager of WRTGM in Jordan). The three of you were the reason we were able to make all of this happen. Thank you to the UN also for providing Master Kim with a permit to access the camp.

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