Hello MKMAC Family,

We are excited to announce The Founder of Chayon Ryu ( Korean for “The Natural Way” ) Supreme Grand Master Kim Soo will be here at our Dojang on Friday, April 29th. SGM Kim Soo will hold a Special Class at 5:30pm for students, White Belt to Black Belt (No Tiny Tigers & Little Tigers). We will not hold regular classes on this day except Tiny Tigers Class. All students attending the special class must wear their uniform. The special class will also be available on zoom for our students to have the option to participate from home. This will be a weapons class. All students must bring their own stick/pole to the class. Poles should be your height or a little taller. We recommend using a broom or mop stick. We will also have some available for sale. Please RSVP to ensure you are on dojang bulletin board roster (25 students limit only) We are so excited and can’t wait to train with SGM Kim Soo.

SGM Kim Soo:

Founder & President
Int’l Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts Assoc.

Chairman, KANGDUK-WON Mudo Society

Summa Cum Laude Faculty at Rice University (1981-2008)

Faculty at University of Houston Central (1974-2014)

2018 Instructor of the Year, Hall of Fame – Black Belt Magazine

Faculty at College of Physical Science
Dong Ui University
Busan, S. Korea (2011-2013)

Trial Program Only $19.95