Good Afternoon,

We want to address the idea of doing online classes. We are trying to work through the details now that the new mandates are so strict. The other Dojangs that have posted before March 25th did not have these guidelines to follow seeing how the new mandate was not yet in effect. Now that the mandate is in effect we have to be very careful to be sure we are following them. There is also insurance and liability guidelines we have to follow as a school to keep our students safe. We are thinking about putting up either a Korean language curriculum or a Taekwondo History curriculum for our students to keep them engaged. Please give us your feed back and let us know which of these you would prefer to learn about. We miss you all dearly and can’t wait till we can all get back to training together. We look forward to receiving everyone’s feed back so we can move forward with an online curriculum. Thank you, MKMAC

Many of the parents have replied requesting the Korean language curriculum. We will get it prepared and have it ready for our students as quick as possible.

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