We are very sad to announce that due to Covid we will not be hosting a Halloween Party this year.  We are also going to refrain from passing out candy.  However, we do want the students to be in good spirits and still enjoy celebrating the holiday.  Therefore we will be allowing all students to wear their Halloween Costumes to class from October 26th – October 31st (last week of October).  Please keep in mind they will still need to be safe and flexible on the mat.

*Promotional Testing is Friday, October 23rd.  There will be NO Classes on Testing Night.

*We will be OPEN on Halloween Oct 31st and Election Day Nov 3rd.

5:00 – White Belt – Brown Stripe (children)
6:00 – Brown Belt & Up (children)
7:00 – Family & Adults


TKD Safety Shoes and Belt MUST be worn to class.
Please make sure costumes are safe and efficient to practice in.
Please do not allow you student to wear any accessories that may fall of during class.

Trial Program Only $19.95