New Schedule Effective May 26th
1) Happy Memorial Day!! We will not have class on Monday, May 25th in observance of Memorial Day.
2) Please be sure to look over the new schedule, we have made some changes. We have been holding up to 9 classes a day.
3) Next Saturday, May 30th we will hold our 2nd Seminar For our upcoming 2nd and 3rd Degree Black Belts. 1st Dan @ 1pm – 3pm. 2nd Dan @ 3pm – 5pm.
-This Seminar will be on Weapons Only.
4) We added a Sparring Class 2 times a week for Yellow Belts and Up. Please make sure you put on all your sparring gear before joining the class.
5) We made our 1st order of TKD Shoes this week. We will continue to put new orders in as you place your orders with us.
6) We will begin Summer Camp for our students who were pre-registered Next Tuesday, May 26th
-The reason we can hold camp and not class is due to child care needs for essential employees. We will be following the state mandated daycare guidelines.
7) We will be using a no contact thermometer to be sure none of our campers have fevers upon entering the building.
– Anyone with a fever will be asked to be fever free for 24 hrs before returning to the dojang.
8) ​We have purchased Air purifiers for the building to help reduce any possible airborne germs.
-The purifiers all use a Hepa Filter. Hepa Filters have been reported to be very efficient at trapping the corona virus.
9) Please make sure you are checking the website for the student and parents letters. Learning the word of the month is an important part of your curriculum.
10) We will get you all back into class and on the mat as soon as the state lifts the mandated restrictions we are under as a physical fitness facility.
We appreciate all your continued support and understanding. We miss our taekwondo family tremendously.
We hope everyone is still staying healthy and safe.

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