The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend we all make our plans now. This plan is essential to slow down the spread of any virus.

Here is what we will be doing:

  1. We ask all parents and authorized pick up adults to advise us when they will be travelling
    1. When you will be going
    2. Where you will be going
    3. How long you will be gone
    4. We will compare destinations to Covid-19 hotspots
  2. Everyone must stay home when sick, this includes
    1. Children
    2. Parents
    3. Staff
    4. Tuition will not be suspended when your child is home sick if you want your child’s spot kept open for them; we must keep our instructors paid
  3. All equipment and touch surfaces will continue to be disinfected several times per day
  4. Floors will continue to be disinfected every day.
    1. Everyone entering building must use disinfectant mat.
    2. All students must wear TKD shoes on the mat.(No bare foot)
  5. Handwashing practices will continue to apply for students and staff
    1. After toileting
    2. Before eating
    3. After eating
    4. After going outside
    5. After blowing nose
    6. After coughing or sneezing
  6. Faces should be covered when we cough or sneeze; tissues should not be reused; they should immediately be thrown in the trash
  7. As we are entering Summer, there will be plenty of coughing and sneezing due to pollen and allergies. It is vital that we do not pass off coughing, sneezing, and congestion as allergies.  For the safety of everyone, proceed as if you have a virus.


We have always had these rules; we’re digging in hard on them now.

We appreciate you doing your part to keep everyone healthy and strong.

The Centers for Disease Control recommendations are found here:


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