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Master Y.J. Kim’s Martial Arts Center is the leading provider of martial arts classes to be a positive and fun introduction to martial arts.

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Slide MKMAC I highly recommend to anyone. It is an amazing facility with an extraordinary staff. Everyone there is courteous and always willing to help. If you have never been there I can't stress enough that you should. - Beverly P. - Slide My son was recently at another dojang And for some reason was hasn't sent to go and did not enjoy it. Since hes been at Master YJ Kim Martial Arts He absolutely loves it, he looks forward to going, and hes been practicing at home to make his instructors proud! I'm happy we made the switch! - Tara B. - Slide The office staff, Master Kim and all of the junior instructors are incredible and really take the time to learn about each student and work with them each class. We're very excited to see her progress as time goes on. I also appreciate that they offer special classes - inviting friends and parents to come as well as parents night out. I fully recommend them to anyone considering martial arts - Cindy B. - Slide Master Kim has been wonderful for my 5 year old son and my 9 year old daughter who has ADHD. They are kind, patient, and understanding of my daughter’s special needs. I am so happy we are part of the Master Kim Tae Kwon Do family! - Robyn H. - Slide My 6 year old son has been attending Master Kim’s classes every week for over a year now, and he enjoys it so much. They have amazing instructors and awesome staff. With all the fun Holiday events and summer fun activities I highly recommend to any children or adults looking to learn the craft or simply just have some fun as a family. 2 thumbs up from our family. - Margarita G. - Slide Great school! I am so glad I signed my son up for classes. He is learning so much about respect how to defend himself. The staff is great. They are very patient with the smaller children. I can’t wait till my younger sons are old enough to join. - Jessica M. - Slide We love taking our 8 year old boy here. He is learning not only the moves but respect and control. The instructors are amazing and really take their time to instruct. Master Kim’s seems like it is perfect for all ages. - Donna C. - Slide Master Kim’s instruction has benefited my whole family. By taking classes together, we make time to cheer each other on and strive to Improve together. My daughter has also shown improved focus which has benefited her at school and home. I have taken Taekwondo at other schools I the are and would definitely say that Master Kim has been the best. - Joseph P. - Slide My son has been attending Master Kim's Martial Arts Center for almost 2 years now. He is excelling in his studies of learning the art as well as his regular schooling. I believe my son has not only become more self confident since attending this Martial arts center. I'm proud that my son is at the center and proud of who he is becoming. I want to say thank you to Master Y. J Kim and the instructors at this center for evefeveryt they do for my son and the other students at the center. - Shawna C. -

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