Good Afternoon,
We are ready to start the Korean Language Curriculum with our students.  We encourage family members to participate in the learning as well.  We all can use a little food for our brain to keep our minds busy and active through the quarantine.  We have posted the Hangul Chart on our website.  You can access it through the members tab at the top of the page.  I have also attached it to this email for easy immediate access.  We want all students to start learning the 1st and 2nd section of consonants and vowels.  Practice writing the letters/symbols and speaking the sounds.  Flash cards are a great way to practice memorizing the sounds and symbols. Most students can memorize these in 1-2 weeks.  Once 10 students have let us know they have both sections memorized we will start live classes online.  We are excited to be able to stay connected with our students and to be able to continue teaching them.  We look forward to starting live classes soon.  We will send out another email regarding the live classes and how you can access them once we have 10 students ready.
We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.  We will be in touch soon.

~ Sincerely, MKMAC

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