Hello MKMAC Family,

We have updates for May 2021.
1) Starting Monday, May 3rd students will once again be responsible for putting their attendance cards in the class basket.
The attendance card holder is located in the back hall between the main room and the focus room.
We will have social distancing stickers on the floor for the students to line up and give each other space as they get their cards for class.
Please be sure to wash or sanitize your hands upon entering the building to help reduce the spread of germs on the attendance cards.
2) We are putting One Step Sparring and Ho Shin Sol back into the curriculum.
This means students will have to earn their green tip as a requirement to go to testing.
Students working out without a mask will be required to wear a face shield while practicing One Step Sparring or Ho Shin Sol.
3) Thank you to everyone whom took the time to vote their family favorite for Fredparent Magazine. We appreciate all of your support.



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