We are so proud of our students and their continued hard work and dedication to their training through the zoom classes.  Our 1st week on zoom wasn’t the easiest, we were all learning together.  Thank you all for barring with us.  We think the equipment improvements and new belt specific schedule is working well for everybody.    The new schedule helps keep the classes smaller, more like private lessons than large group classes.  Master Kim is glad it has allowed him to give the students more undivided attention during class.  We are doing our best to give our students the best experience possible.  We want to say, Congratulations to everyone who tested and to everyone who came to our Drive-thru Belt Ceremony last Friday.  We had a Great turn-out.  We look forward to seeing more students rank up to their next belt this Friday.  We are adding a Little Tiger Testing time Friday, May 22nd at 2:30pm.  We will hold Group testing this Friday, May 15th on Zoom at 3pm.  We will follow testing with another Drive-thru Belt Ceremony between 5pm – 5:30pm.

We are sad to say this past Friday the Governor limited which non-essential businesses could open after the 15th.  He is only allowing outdoor facilities to open.  We will have to wait a few more weeks before we can go back to classes at the dojang.  With that being said it does allow us more time to order taekwondo shoes.  You can either pay for the shoes over the phone or in person when you pick them up.  We are now waiting till Monday, May 18th to place the order for the shoes to give the students more time to get their orders to us.  We are giving everyone $5 off their first Pair.

If you are attending the Korean Language Class please be sure to print off the study guide before class.  We posted a new study guide for this week in the Korean Language section on the website.  It is titled ” Korean Language”.  Please print and review before class on Thursday.

We have made some changes to the schedule next week.  We have added two new classes.  The first class is the TKD Game Class.  This is for all of our students of all ages.  It is a virtual kicking and punching game similar to the well known dance dance revolution game.  Our second new class will be Kids Story Time for our younger students.  Parents are working so hard on keeping up with their child’s school work, we would like to help with an educational time block to read to them.  We will be reading elementary level books.  We are excited about adding the two new classes and hope you are excited about them too.  Please let us know what you think of them after attending the class.

Those of you registered for Summer Camp will receive a separate email with updates.  We appreciate your patience.

Our zoom Id and password will remain the same.

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