We hope everyone is staying cool and safe through these hot summer days.  We have a few more updates for our members.

1. Everyone who enters the dojang must have their temperature taken.  We now have a thermal camera set up to check your temperature as you enter the dojang.  We will be showing everyone how it works over the next week.  This will help quicken the process of taking temperatures at the door.  If your temperature is over 100 we will recheck it with the hand held thermometer.

2. We will be putting directional arrows on the floor for one way entering and exiting in the dojang.  This will allow an easier flow in and out of the dojang and will also direct all who enter to the thermal camera for temperature checks.

3. Next week we are adding another class to the schedule at 7pm to accommodate the needs of students.

4. Black Belts and Little/Tiny Tigers will also have a 2nd class added to the zoom schedule to allow more one on one focus on their goals.  All members are still welcome to join the family zoom classes.

Trial Program Only $19.95