Good Afternoon,
We hope everyone is enjoying our beautiful fall weather.  We have a few updates and reminders for everyone.

1. Students, please bring your water bottles onto the mat with you.  This will cause less traffic in the door way to the mat during break.

2. Students, please wear your masks in the lobby at all times.  Masks are only optional on the mat.

3. Everyone, please make sure you wear your mask properly in the lobby at all times.

4. We have added a fogger to our daily disinfecting.
-The fogger is imported from Korea.  It uses Phytoncide formula to disinfect surfaces.  Phytoncide is an all organic disinfectant.  It’s plant based and completely  harmless to humans.  This all natural formula is safe on skin, does not irritate eyes or allergies.  Phytoncide has been tested and proven to kill both Covid and Flu in just 30 seconds.

Thank you, MKMAC

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